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B2B SaaS Sales Letters and Dimensional Mail

Are you using B2B SaaS sales letters and dimensional mail to lower B2B sales cycles?

  • According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), promotional products, when combined with a B2B SaaS sales letter, can make a big difference in direct mail response rates.
  • B2B SaaS Dimensional Mail is an effective promotional product.  “These are oversized, cleverly designed, and typically very expensive pieces that are intended to cut through the clutter of an administrative person’s in-box, and actually get past the gatekeeper and onto the desk of a decision maker.  They often contain a physical premium:  . . . a gift, or other item that someone in the office thinks the boss will want to see.  These packages can be quite effective in business marketing because they prove to be affordable.”  (The DMA B-to-B Lead Generation Handbook Second Edition by Ruth P. Stevens, pg. 168)

For more information on how a sales letter combined with a promotional product can help lower B2B SaaS sales cycles-click the following link:

Promotional Product B2B SaaS Copywriter Advertising Programs

Reducing B2B SaaS Sales Cycles

How long does it take for you or your sales team to close a B2B SaaS sale?

I have two decades of marketing & sales experience and the most challenging issue has always been reducing the sales cycle.  In the old days before the explosion of Internet marketing, print media and telemarketing played a very significant role in closing deals.  Today, Internet marketing and social media are playing a very significant role in generating new customers.

The human mind is fascinating.  In reference to sales, no one has ever been able to predict with 100% accuracy when a sale will close.  Sales forecasts are estimations of probable sales.

I’m curious.  What are some effective ways you or your organization are utilizing to shorten the B2B SaaS sales cycle?