My name is Kennard your B2B SaaS Copywriter with an MSIT and a Doctor of Business Administration.


At a young age, I looked at the cartoon “Superfriends.” My mom encouraged me to look at the cartoon. The early Superfriends cartoons had good moral lessons contained in each episode. The Superfriends’ mission based on the 1973 intro is to (1) fight injustice; (2) to right that which is wrong; (3) and to serve all of mankind. I did not realize until later on in my life that this message sunk into my mind every time I looked at the Superfriends. I developed a sense of integrity. I try the best I can to serve my fellow human being and to do the right thing. My goal is to be a superfriend to anyone.


One day my mom asked me, “Kennard, would you like to sell greeting cards?” This question began my experience with the art of selling. For a few years as a teenager, I sold greeting cards door to door. This taught me how to communicate with people. I learned how to help them see the need for what I was selling. This led to becoming an entrepreneur and to understand business. I got into copywriting and it helped me secure an Internet marketing contract for a college and other writing projects.

The World of Information Technology

I was playing video games and my mom said, “Kennard, it is important for you to learn challenging things.” “Read this book.” The books she gave me influenced me to be “technical things” curious. I read the Fantastic Four comic book and the character Mr. Fantastic and his scientific genius influenced me. I remember going to my cousin’s house. We would do scientific experiments. Because of these experiences, I desired to explain technical subjects in a clear way.

My mom inspired me to be different and learn difficult subjects. She encouraged me to take difficult courses. I took calculus in high school. I generated an interest in computers. I remember doing the best I could to understand calculus. I would come to my teacher’s class after the normal school day and get help completing my assignments. My teacher was the best math teacher I ever had. He worked with me to make sure I understood calculus. I took a basic programming course. I learned how to take a pc apart and put it back again. I took some electronic courses.

Because of the above experiences, I excel in information technology. It is natural for me. I study the latest developments in information technology, so I can explain technical subjects.

“Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other.”

 ~ Bill Gates

For more information, I can be reached directly at (614) 276-1200 or [email protected].

SaaS Industry
SaaS Industry