How long does it take for you or your sales team to close a B2B SaaS sale?

I have three decades of marketing & sales experience and the most challenging issue has always been reducing the sales cycle.  In the old days before the explosion of Internet marketing, print media and telemarketing played a very significant role in closing deals.  Today, Internet marketing and social media are playing a very significant role in generating new customers.

The human mind is fascinating.  In reference to sales, no one has ever been able to predict with 100% accuracy when a sale will close.  Sales forecasts are estimations of probable sales.

I’m curious.  What are some effective ways you or your organization are utilizing to shorten the B2B SaaS sales cycle?

By Dr. Kennard L. Brown

B2B SaaS Copywriter With an IT background and 30+years of Marketing Experience Who Helps Increase SaaS Sales and Provides Effective Marketing Strategies