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B2B SaaS Sales Letters and Dimensional Mail

Are you using B2B SaaS sales letters and dimensional mail to lower B2B sales cycles?

  • According to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), promotional products, when combined with a B2B SaaS sales letter, can make a big difference in direct mail response rates.
  • B2B SaaS Dimensional Mail is an effective promotional product.  “These are oversized, cleverly designed, and typically very expensive pieces that are intended to cut through the clutter of an administrative person’s in-box, and actually get past the gatekeeper and onto the desk of a decision maker.  They often contain a physical premium:  . . . a gift, or other item that someone in the office thinks the boss will want to see.  These packages can be quite effective in business marketing because they prove to be affordable.”  (The DMA B-to-B Lead Generation Handbook Second Edition by Ruth P. Stevens, pg. 168)

For more information on how a sales letter combined with a promotional product can help lower B2B SaaS sales cycles-click the following link:

Promotional Product B2B SaaS Copywriter Advertising Programs

Which is Best: High Pressure or No Pressure B2B SaaS Selling?

Are high-pressure selling techniques contributing to a high telemarketing representative turnover in your organization or business?

In my 21 years of marketing & sales experience, I have worked for some organizations that trained their telemarketing representatives to pressure prospects into buying their service or product.  I remember one organization that taught their telemarketing representatives to make 80 to 100+ dials per day and encouraged them to work during lunch!

Companies that utilize B2B SaaS telemarketing programs that require 80 to 100 dials per day are usually programs that cause a significant amount of telemarketing employee turnover.  Because of the high rate of turnover, these organizations have to continue to advertise on Monster and the other job boards for new telemarketing representatives.  I call this Employee Attrition Marketing.  Companies that utilize employee attrition marketing are not concerned with reducing their employee training costs by creating realistic B2B SaaS telemarketing programs that will increase the tenure of their telemarketing employees.  They are only concerned with consistent call volume even if they have to hire new “bodies” to be on the phone every month.

The best telemarketing technique to use should be based on no pressure techniques.  Ari Galper correctly teaches that B2B telemarketing should be based on trust.  If you do not gain the trust of your prospect, then your entire B2B SaaS sales process is doomed to fail.

The Importance of B2B SaaS Telemarketing

Is B2B telemarketing still important to use?

Based on my 23 years of sales & marketing experience, I would say it is still important to use.  It remains a very effective marketing tool-especially when trying to contact those hard to reach C-level executives.

However, marketing & B2B SaaS sales executives must be very patient when using B2B SaaS telemarketing. The B2B SaaS sales cycle can be 3 months to 12 months or more depending on the investment of the service or product your business is selling.

For more information about telemarketing-click the following link:

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Reducing B2B SaaS Sales Cycles

How long does it take for you or your sales team to close a B2B SaaS sale?

I have two decades of marketing & sales experience and the most challenging issue has always been reducing the sales cycle.  In the old days before the explosion of Internet marketing, print media and telemarketing played a very significant role in closing deals.  Today, Internet marketing and social media are playing a very significant role in generating new customers.

The human mind is fascinating.  In reference to sales, no one has ever been able to predict with 100% accuracy when a sale will close.  Sales forecasts are estimations of probable sales.

I’m curious.  What are some effective ways you or your organization are utilizing to shorten the B2B SaaS sales cycle?