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“Kennard is one of our go-to sources for advertising copy and research. I’ve found him to be a reliable and knowledgeable freelancer.”

– Jason Holland, Freelance Copywriter, Marketing consultant, and Web Writer at Profit Boosting Copy

“Kennard Brown is a driven and focused business professional. He is results-oriented, and enhances the brand for the client organizations that he supports.”

– Jeff Baker, Industry Consultant, OutSolve

“Kennard’s work is very detailed and efficient. His management and leadership skills are outstanding as well as his ability to find new methods of providing excellent service.”

– Michelle, Senior VP, Client Services & Corporate Administration, Stewart, Cooper & Coon

“Kennard is a reliable professional with a methodical approach but with an adaptive style that invites input from peers. He is a smart and engaging individual who raises the bar for those who work with him. Kennard has my highest recommendation.”

– Kevin Franks, President, Comprehensive Search

“It was a pleasure to have Kennard as a student in several of my MBA marketing courses at CityU of Seattle. Kennard consistently demonstrated a mastery of the marketing content in class and made a salient contribution to class dialogue with insightful, astute and relevant observations and comments. Kennard was an outstanding student in every way. He impressed me with his commitment, diligence, hard work, multi-tasking abilities and his high regard for his education and classmates. I highly recommend him. Please don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.”

– Dr. George Kelley, Dissertation Chair, School of Advanced Studies, University of Phoenix


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