Meet Kennard Brown . . . B2B direct reply tech sales writer with 27 years of experience, lover of information technology, inside sales executive, cold call & inside sales coach, marketing consultant, holds an MBA in marketing and currently, as a doctoral candidate (ABD), is studying to obtain a doctor of business administration (DBA) degree.

Familiar with B2B technology companies’ needs

  • Market technology products/services. Additionally, create B2B telemarketing scripts, e-mails, postcards, white papers and sales letters.
  • Starting in 2002, developed websites and continue to increase website development knowledge. Currently, create WordPress and HTML websites.
  • On March 28, 2012, completed Heather Lloyd-Martin’s SEO copywriting certification program.
  • All the above knowledge and experience means Kennard has a solid understanding of technology consulting products/services; understand what influences executive decision makers to invest.

C-level communication experience

  • Several years of experience talking to executives to generate qualified leads and appointments for B2B companies.
  • Understands the B2B Tech consulting sales process.
  • All of the above knowledge & experience will help Kennard create effective sales writing for your organization.

Access to valuable sales & marketing resources

  • Member of American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI) and a Circle of Success member.
  • Member of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AAISP).
  • Because of the above experience and being associated with AWAI & AAISP, Kennard has all the resources he needs to create writing to increase profits and ROI.

Creative, dependable and friendly

  • In his spare time, Kennard consistently studies the techniques of sales writing, works on his research project to complete the doctor of business administration degree, and increases his information technology knowledge. Plus, he plays basketball, tennis, does push-ups and runs on a treadmill.
  • Because of continuing to increase his B2B Tech sales writing, business & marketing knowledge (and improve his health), he will do the best he can to create writing to increase profits and ROI.  The writing/copy Kennard will create for you will help identify prospects for your sales department or sales representatives to close.
  • You can play golf, go shopping, take a vacation, spend time with the kids while your B2B marketing lead generators are improved to increase profits and ROI.

What are your needs in reference to B2B Tech marketing? What do you think you can do better?

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