B2B Copywriting Services

The following services are designed to generate quality prospects/leads for your sales representatives and/or sales order department to close.

Telemarketing Script Development 

Telemarketing scripts help keep your sales representatives “sharp” on the phone and help them to remember what to say to generate quality prospects.

A customized script is developed based on your target market.  The scripts are designed to identify needs and will help you develop an effective cold call presentation.  The scripts are designed to encourage a conversation with a suspect without pressuring them.  The telemarketing script copy will not assume the suspect has a need for your services or products without finding out if they need your services or products.

Please use the script only as a guide.  You should put the main concepts of the script into your personality so you can give your cold call presentation without it.  You should only refer to the script if you forget the main ideas of your presentation.  If you sound like you are reading the script, then this will greatly contribute toward the suspect not liking you.

Direct Mail

The right type of direct mail promotion to a targeted audience can generate quality leads for your company.  Kennard L. Brown creates sales letters for your direct mail campaigns and your target market (s).

Direct mail copy:

  • Direct mail package to generate leads (a 2-page letter, reply device and, possibly, an envelope teaser)
  • Postcard copy and concept
  • Direct mail package to acquire new subscribers for a B2B publication, report, or newsletter (2-4 page letter, inserts, envelope teaser, order device — such as a special landing page — and, possibly, a small brochure)
  • Direct mail package to generate orders for a product, such as a software package or online business service like Skype®

White Papers

White papers effectively position companies as experts and generate prospects.  An article or special report is created to describe how your company provides a better solution to a problem.  The article or report is 8 to 15 pages long.  To simplify, a white paper is a “how to” booklet.  The document shows the reader how to do something, why they should do it, what technology to use, how to evaluate it, what new methodology to incorporate, how to handle critical issues, and how to solve key problems.  A white paper is also called an “Executive Briefing” or “Special Report.”

Case Studies

Cases studies used in marketing are success stories written in an editorial style similar to a business magazine article.  They tell the tale of “product meets customer” and how everyone lived happily ever after.  Case studies are known as success stories, application briefs, user stories, and case histories.

Most are two to four pages in length (sometimes six pagers), and are generally written in standard feature article format.  In fact, they often get reprinted, or at least referenced, in trade magazines and other industry publications.


Prospects should be able to search for your company’s products or services on Google by simply typing keywords that are related to your company’s website.  Logically, it is much easier to sell someone when they are actively looking for your service or product.  This is why proper search engine optimization is necessary for your website.  If your website is not properly optimized, then it is like throwing a business card on the ground and no one sees it.

SEO services:

  • Keyword research
  • Integrating keywords into existing online copy
  • Integrating keywords into new online copy I create for you
  • SEO advice involving website review and recommendations

Social Media

In the 21st century, your company must have an effective social media presence.  B2B companies should at least have a LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus+ presence.

Social media services:

  • Facebook Page creation
  • LinkedIn Profile creation
  • Google Plus+ Page creation
  • Twitter account creation
  • Planning and writing updates for LinkedIn, Google Plus+ and Twitter

Web Marketing Communications

Effective web marketing is necessary for business success in the 21st century.  Web marketing’s goal is to help the visitor make a decision to seriously consider purchasing your service or product.

Web marketing communications services:

  • Online Video Scripts
  • Content planning for a 10 to 15 page website
  • Website copy
  • E-mail
  • Blog writing
  • Sales page

For a preliminary recommendation for any of the following services, please call us at (614) 276-1200 or you can e-mail:  businessconsulting@kennardbrown.com

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